#1645: Trying To Make Sense
We’re trying to make sense of the results of the election, where the United States is going, and what we can even allow to become the new normal. Anna Holmes is joined by Tanner Colby, CNN Money’s Tanzina Vega, and The Atlantic’s Adam Serwer to help make sense.

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Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance?

Donald Trump Has Unleashed a New Wave of Bullying in Schools | The Nation

Trump campaign sending observers to South Carolina polls Tuesday | postandcourier.com

The 2016 election was about the issues. | Slate

The Democratic Party establishment is finished after Trump. | Slate

Domenico Montanaro on Twitter: "Clinton underperformed Obama in key counties with heavy black population. Was whole margin in Wisconsin and Michigan https://t.co/hpC8ZcaLe9" | Twitter

Alec MacGillis on Twitter: "I kept reporting on Obama-Trump voters I was finding, to disbelief. They existed. https://t.co/oGvPRIpJyy" | Twitter

Alec MacGillis on Twitter: "Please, tell me more about how Clinton losing northern white working-class people who voted twice for Barack Obama is all about race." | Twitter

What gender gap? Exit polls show white women voters actually preferred Trump to Clinton. | New Republic

Domenico Montanaro on Twitter: "Clinton got just 37% of the white vote. Can't win with that. Obama got 39%." | Twitter

John McGuirk on Twitter: "Mitt Romney got 60.9 million votes and lost. Trump has 58.1million and is winning a landslide. Democrats stayed at home." | Twitter

Trump Won a Lot of White Working-Class Obama Voters | New York Magazine

White won. | Slate

The Battle for American Pluralism | The Atlantic

How Trump Made Hate Intersectional | New York Magazine

Donald Trump Won Because of Facebook | New York Magazine

Hillary Clinton's Expectations, and Her Ultimate Campaign Missteps | The New York Times

Day 1 In Trump's America | Twitter

How to move to Canada | USA Today

Louisiana student 'fabricated' story of hijab attack, police say | The Washington Post

Just two days after Trump's election, reports of anti-Islam attacks spike | Think Progress

A nightmare scenario for progressives under a Trump presidency | The Washington Post

Day 1 in Trump's America' Highlights Racist Acts, Violent Threats | Rolling Stone

Donald Trump's victory followed by wave of hate crime attacks against minorities across US--led by his supporters | The Independent

A Running List Of Reported Racist Incidents After Donald Trump's Victory | BuzzFeed

Americans document racist encounters on Day 1 of Donald Trump's America | CTV News

NYU Muslim Students Association - Timeline | Facebook


I’m a Coastal Elite From the Midwest: The Real Bubble is Rural America by Patrick Thornton

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